Donald Glover is more talented than you.

Donald Glover is more talented than you.

It’s a fact. The talent this man possesses is inhuman. He has four professions at celebrity status. He is a writer. He wrote for the hit comedy 30 Rock on NBC for 2 years before he left that to pursue his acting career. He was mostly known for his role as Troy on another hit NBC comedy called, Community. While he was on Community he was also a stand out stand up comedian. He was originally given a 30 minute special on comedy central but then was granted an hour long special. If you think balancing acting, writing, and comedy is unbelievable, then you will be astonished to hear he is also a distinguished rapper known as Childish Gambino. He managed to go platinum on his first album, Camp. He recently released an album that topped the charts. This man is a true workaholic. His next project he is working on is writing, producing, and staring in his own tv show on FX called Atlanta. Donald Glovers potential is truly limitless.